How to Get Email Notification for Post Changes in WordPress

On the plugin’s settings screen, you need to check Enable to enable email notifications. Below the enable checkbox you will see a list of users on your website. Check the users who will be receiving email notification for changes. You can also add additional email addresses to send notifications to email addresses that are not associated with a user


Chuwi Hi8, a tablet PC with Windows for only 82 euros

The market tablet PC has been doing quite large in recent months. Largely because users like to

Leotec yttrium 4G leaked images and features.

Rumors about the possible new smartphone Leotec yttrium with conectitividad 4G-LTE finally they

Manta MSP5006 5 “Dual-SIM Quadcore

We hear about the imminent commercialization of a new smartphone, the Manta MSP5006 , a terminal

ZTE Nubia Z7 2K screen for less than 300 euros.

If you're looking for a smartphone with strength, quality and safe design you will like the ZTE

Leotec Ytrium 4G leaked images and features.

Rumors about the possible new smartphone Leotec Ytrium with conectitividad 4G-LTE finally

Chuwi Hi8 with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

While just assemble all the pieces and assemble the complete review and videoreview of Chuwi Hi8

Elephone P7000 now available with shipping from Spain

Not long ago we told you about right here (see article) about the benefits of an ideal

Blackview BV5000. First images and features

Finally have leaked specifications will be new smartphone Blackview BV5000 by the Chinese firm.

Zeblaze Crystal, another low-priced SmartWatch

The market for smart watches the priceWe have already warned that the price of SmartWatch is

Crystal SmartWatch Zeblaze thoroughly.

If you like SmartWatch and liked the Zeblaze Rover (see article) the new Zeblaze Smart